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Chekhov did not write the novel, but "the new drama" became the genre synthesizing all motives of its stories and stories. In it the Chekhovian concept of life, her special feeling and understanding was most fully realized. And really, at the turn of the century, during approach of new public rise when in society became ripe a presentiment of "a healthy and strong storm", Chekhov creates plays in which there are no bright heroic characters, strong human passions, and people lose interest in mutual collisions, in consecutive and uncompromising fight. If Gorky writes about the people of active action knowing, in their opinion, as well as that it is necessary to do at this time, Chekhov writes about the people who became puzzled who feel that former tenor of life, and new is destroyed that succeeds more terribly as all unknown.

However contemporaries apprehended a new thing of Chekhov, as the drama. Stanislavsky wrote that for him "The Cherry Orchard" is not the comedy, not the farce, and first of all the tragedy. And he put "The Cherry Orchard" in such drama key.

First of all, in dramatic art of Chekhov there is no "a through action", the key event organizing subject unity of the classical drama. The drama thus is not scattered, and gathers on a basis of other, internal unity. What then unites the play, creates unity of work? Possibly, destinies of heroes which at all the distinction, at all their subject independence, "are rhymed", have something in common with each other and merge generally "orchestral sounding".

Formally heroes carry on conversation on Epikhodov and on sunset, and in essence about other. At an external disparate and a neskladitsa of dialogue there is a sincere internal rapprochement to which some space sound responds in the drama: "All sit, reflected. Silence. It is audible only as silently mutters Firs. The remote sound is suddenly distributed, is exact from the sky, the sound of the burst string fading sad". Souls of heroes through scraps of words speak about disorder and absurd of not developed all the, fateful life.