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It is natural that lack of system of distribution of production conducts to distortions in a at all levels because it is impossible to determine the and perspective price of goods in the market. Investors cannot real appeal of investments.

The agriculture is a renewable and developed resource unlike, for example, raw sector of economy. High potential of agrosector - the condition providing strong position of the country in universal barter. The success of reforms of agricultural production will make impact on the market of goods and will lead to stimulation of investment activity in other branches.

Creation of such conditions demands program methods of the organization of work at the federal and regional levels. It will allow to provide unity of organizational and methodical approaches, both in the course of preparation of the program, and during its realization.

For successful carrying out an agrarian reform first of all it is necessary to provide social transformations in the village (housing construction, construction of objects of culture, health care, education, a construction of roads, gasification, electrification, communication), i.e. to create conditions for resettlement of citizens to the left villages, sparsely populated regions.

But to construct the working system, there is not enough only the nobility how technologically to this or that product. So effective system of its distribution only on market conditions is necessary. System, opportunity to subjects of economy unambiguously ­ what of the transactions offered them in the market is favorable, and - no.

All projects have to be focused in the maximum degree on involvement in work of foreign partners, since early stages (identification of projects, preparation of project documentation, etc.). Thus various schemes of work with them (since creation of joint ventures as preferable form of economic cooperation and/or enterprises from 100% the foreign capital before rendering technical assistance have to be offered from foreign the partner.

It is expedient to conduct development of the program in five program directions connected with the solution of the main problems of increase of investment activity, social and economic efficiency of agro-industrial complex.

For transformation of branch there are no two key factors of success - the real free market of agricultural products and development of goods - producers of really modern technologies of agroproduction. Some groups of the qualified now work on the solution of these two tasks. Two organizations - the Exchange of Agricultural Production (EAP) and Association of rural (ACT) are created.