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Without significant capital investments, due to work on modernization the power of each power unit increases by 10%, and, thus, the located power of the power plant actually makes 2640 MW. The new, ninth 240 thousand kW power unit is figuratively speaking almost free of charge received.

Exactly thanks to hard work, sometimes dedicated work of power engineering specialists we without special problems use all benefits of a civilization which are born to us by the electric power, for what we are infinitely grateful to them.

He called the main problems of state district power station: chronically untimely payments of our consumers and high cost of fuel. Also called the near-term outlook: introduction of new technologies and modernization and modernization of the outdated equipment and when we are richer - introduction of Paro - gas installations, more powerful, than at Orshansky combined heat and power plant that will allow to achieve high economy of fuel.

Work a himvodoochitska with a productivity of 350 tons per hour (environmental pollution by exhaust waters prevents a complex of treatment facilities). By the way, in a by-product recovery department women and youth work mainly. The fuel facility includes black oil tanks with a capacity of 10 thousand m ³, priyemoslivny devices and mazutonasosny stations. The main fuel is gas, reserve – fuel oil.

On Boris Pugachev's memoirs, the chief of construction management of state district power station, the construction of station was conducted by modern industrial methods by application of ferroconcrete and metal designs, and also installation of the capital processing equipment the integrated blocks. The building site was already equipped with powerful mechanisms and cars by then.

And, at last, constructions of electric part. Delivery of electric power is made from the open distributing device to which power units of station are connected via the 400 MVA transformers.

After these lines the hard work, especially at the beginning of construction is not absolutely visible. And it was necessary to work knee-deep in dirt. Pushed out car hands with concrete, getting stuck on clay roads. There was no equipment, building materials. Solution on the fifth floor was carried in buckets. There was no housing. Workers froze, but did not grumble. Gradually work began to be adjusted.