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The correct use of means of composition when developing models – a successful choice of a form and the line of a suit, the thought-over combination – invoices, color and drawing of material – in many respects can define a final decision of the buyer to get this or that product

Age, build, character. The clothes have to emphasize internal the dignity of the person and his external data. Only in the corresponding clothes it is possible to feel conveniently, to be self-assured. Creation of convenient and beautiful clothes also is the modeling purpose.

Further when modeling clothes we have to remember always for whom this or that attire is intended. Great importance is been here not only external data, but also character, age of the person. Considering age features, the fashion offers clothes not only vanguard, but also quieter, moderate, and also more conservative, classical.

In plasticity of a form, dynamic lines, a silhouette the rhythmic system of a product is shown. Each suit possesses the certain rhythmic decision considering its appointment, age of the person for which it it is intended, and other signs.

The insufficient attention to properties of the invoice often is led to an unsuccessful combination in one product of different materials that visually, creates divisibility and disharmony of a form. If the product has insufficiently expressed invoice and color, its form looks unorganized, inexpressive.

In forty years the suit serves as a background for manifestation of identity, intelligence. By this time the woman has certain, quite developed relation to world around. Simplicity and a practicality in combination with elegance are the most typical traits of character which are distinctly shown in a manner to put on. It is possible to tell about such woman that she found the style.

At a choice of model of a suit it is necessary to consider its appointment and conditions of use. The suit has to be convenient, practical and beautiful. Therefore its form, the constructive decision, a choice of material, finishing and color submit to two main functions – esthetic and practical.

Footwear – the most functional part of ensemble – has great esthetic value in too time. It has to correspond to a suit on style, a form, value. So, shoes on a high spike heel with a narrow nose from opaque thin skin will approach an evening dress from fine silk fabric of the fitting form.

Sets, suits and dresses of daily appointment a long time will remain modern if to avoid too persuasive details, finishings which quickly bother. Colors should be chosen quiet, in harmony with a business situation.

As kind of womanly style it is possible to consider style romantic. It is style with registration, characteristic for women's clothing of the XIX century: frills and flounces, bows, various details from lace. There correspond to this style light transparent, satin and velvety fabrics.

Say that the fashion is ruinous much. Listen to experts and be convinced that it not so. Fashion designers constantly repeat: the fashion significantly does not change. Adhering to the style, it is always possible to remain in line with fashion.

The invoice of material – the independent active element of a form of model having not less considerable impact on proportional ratios of elements of forms, than the size and color of a product. Large drawing of the invoice reduces the surface sizes, small – increases. The surface, difficult on drawing, should be counterbalanced: the small site of the yarkovyrazhenny invoice looks on a smooth background of a surface of the big area better.

Bags are differentiated on a gender and age sign and appointment. Business daily bags have simpler geometrical form (a rectangle, a square) with a fastener "lightning", a buckle or the lock. Bags for youth have more sports character, are issued both from skin, and from special fabric. Elegant bags make of rather expensive natural materials – skin, suede.

In each invoice signs of a certain image are put. Smooth materials with noble gloss are used for elegant evening dresses. Pestrotkany materials – checkered, in a strip – are recommended usually for casual clothes.