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The lateral district femoral artery - a.circumflexa femoris lateralis - departs together with a kranialny femoral artery, feeds a biceps of a hip and a napryagatel of a wide fastion of a hip, and also gluteuses.

Veins a chest extremity form two highways: deep and superficial. The deep venous highway accompanies the arterial highway with all its branches and receives the names, of the same name with arteries. The highway from dorsalny and palmarny deep pyastny veins begins.

From a basin and pelvic extremities blood is taken out by pair veins: podvzdoshny internal and external which form a pair general podvzdoshny vein - v.iliaca communis falling into the beginning of a kaudalny hollow vein together with an unpaired average sacral vein.

The femoral nerve - n.femoralis - innervates a chetyrekhglavy muscle of a hip, a sartorial muscle and partially harmonous muscle. The hidden nerve - a nerve of a safen departs from it - innervates a medial surface of a hip and shin.

The medial vein of a safen or hypodermic vein of a shin and paw - v.saphena medialis, is developed more weakly lateral, begins from a dorsalny plusnevy vein, goes together with the artery of the same name on a medial surface of a shin and hip and falls into a femoral vein

The artery of a safen - a.saphena, or a hypodermic artery of a shin and a paw, - departs on the middle of a hip in the medial direction, joins n.saphenus and follows with it on a plantarny surface of a shin and paw. On a shin shares on dorsalny and plantarny branches.

pair internal chest veins - v.thoracica interna - from chest walls; through these veins in a kranialny hollow vein also the part of blood and from a kaudalny half of a body through hypodermic belly veins is brought, internal chest veins form an unpaired trunk;

The external podvzdoshny vein - v.iliaca externa - is the end of the deep venous highway of the pelvic extremity accompanying the arterial highway with its branches. It begins plusnevy veins plantarny and dorsalny.

The general low-tibial nerve - is in a low-tibial trench between long and lateral manual razgibatel. Innervates - a dorsalny and lateral surface of a shin and forms 2 branches: superficial and deep.

The Kaudalny nadchrevny artery - a.epigastrica caudalis - goes kranialno along lateral edge of a direct belly muscle, branches in belly muscles and anastomozirut with a kranialny nadchrevny artery.

The Dorsalny - weaker, a branch - ramus dorsalis - goes under skin on an instep and shares on the I-IV dorsalny manual arteries of aa.digitales communes dorsales I-Each of them separates a special dorsalny manual artery - lateral and medial on each finger.

The Plantarny branch - ramus plantaris - is developed more strongly, on a plantarny surface of a skakatelny joint gives plantarny laterelny and medial arteries - a.plantaris lateralis et medialis, and itself on the distalny end of an instep shares on II, III, IV general plantarny manual arteries - Each of the last gives to a.digitalis plantaris communis II-special manual arteries - lateral and medial. Plantarny arteries together with the pro-butting plusnevy artery (from the deep highway) form a proximal plantarny arch - arcus plantaris proximalis; it leaves plusnevy plantarny arteries - a.metatarsea plantaris II-IV joining the general manual plantarny arteries.