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As it was already noted, such aromas increase mood, take off nervousness, fatigue. Useful substances, getting through airways and enlarged pores of skin into a human body, favorably influence the central nervous system that, in turn, affects activity of various bodies, especially heart and vessels.

The 3rd or 5-times stay in a steam room for 5-7 min. at a temperature of 90-100 °, humidity of air to 30%. The general time for all complex of procedures should not exceed 1,5-2 h. If use a broom, humidity can be increased by a sprinkling water of walls or a podlivaniye of water on furnace stones. After each calling water procedures are accepted, but duration of a cold shower or bathtub in this case there should not be more than 3-4 pages. Duration of a warm shower or bathtub, on the contrary, increases till 2,5-3 min. Also rest time between calling a steam room increases, it is possible to increase at desire and health of the athlete. The number of calling a steam room can be increased to 5-7 times, however time of stay in a steam room should not be increased. Water temperature in the pool or a bathtub - within 26-30 °C.

The bath well influences mobility and dexterity of the athlete, first of all on the basis of improvement of tensile properties and elasticity of soyedinitelnotkanny structures of his body thanks to their warming up. The general weakening action of a steam room on muscles as result of shift of a threshold of sensitivity of receptors in muscles also is added to it.

The bath is of great importance at all stages of training process (as a component of training of the athlete, and in a number of sports it is applied just before an exit to start and in the course of competitions, for example, at divers (especially in cool weather before separate jumps), at fighters sambo wrestlers and at many others when in day it is necessary to compete several times. Naturally, in each separate case the technique of application of a bath (pair, hot, warm and cool water, coronal and manual massage and other forms thermo - hydroprocedures) will be various (temperature and duration of stay in a bath, in a steam room, a way and extent of cooling, number of visits of a steam room and frequency of visits of a steam room, rest duration between calling it, etc.

In this case stay in a steam room no more than 2 times for 3-4 min. is recommended at a temperature of 80-100 °C, humidity of air in a steam room to 30%. After each visit of a steam room it is necessary to take a cool shower (or the pool) with the water temperature of 15 - 18 °C during 15-20 with, then a shower or a bathtub with water temperature 35-40 ° within 1-1,5 min. After that the athlete has to have a rest quietly (better 5-7 min.

For the purpose of a hardening in a bath often resort to water. It possesses a high thermal capacity therefore from all tempering factors it is the most powerful and it is necessary to treat her reasonably. If not to follow certain rules of a hardening water, it is possible to affect the health. Therefore it is necessary to know the mechanism of effect of cold water and its use in a bath for a hardening.

To define, what oil or other aromatic solution (infusion) has positive effect or causes unpleasant feeling, you need to use 5-7 times one structure, and then another.

There are also other ways. It is possible to pour, for example, oil in a vessel with a wide neck and to put it on a floor. Or to apply with several dabs oil on walls is closer to a floor. Then aroma will extend evenly on all room of a steam room.