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substances if heating to proceed further and temperature will exceed the limit of several thousand degrees? Of course, at very high temperature the picture of heating of substance represented by us in a refractory vessel can be presented only theoretically since the limit of thermal firmness even the most refractory materials is rather small – 3 000 – 4 000 degrees. Let's say that walls of a vessel are capable to resist to as much as high temperature, without collapsing and without experiencing any changes. So, heating proceeds. In that case at 3 000 – 5 000 degrees we will be able already to notice signs of manifestation of new processes which will be connected with change of properties of atoms of substance.

widespread in space and possessing very interesting properties which find more and more broad application in the development devoted to big problems of modern equipment. For example, the Sun and stars are examples of high-temperature plasma.

niya in various branches of equipment. When the science and equipment included plasma in the sphere of the attention, growth of knowledge of it and its practical application went with great strides. Here also there were a plasma chemistry and plasmochemical technology.

zma. The movements of particles of usual gas are limited only to collisions among themselves or with walls of a vessel in which to be this gas. The movement of particles of plasma can be limited to a magnetic field. Plasma can be constrained a magnetic wall, to push with the magnetic piston, to lock in a magnetic trap. In a stronger magnetic field of a particle of plasma turn round magnetic power lines. Along a magnetic field the particle moves freely. In more detail about it it will be told below.

lagat that all bodies consist of four lowest elements elements: lands, waters, air and fire. Further development of science filled with the new contents these terms. Really the substance can be in four states: firm, liquid, gaseous and plasma.

in chemistry (plasma chemistry), astronomy and many other sciences. Therefore the most important technical provisions of physics of plasma still did not leave a stage of laboratory development. Now plasma is actively studied since has huge value for science and equipment. This subject is interesting also to that plasma – the fourth condition of substance about which existence people did not suspect till the XX century. It is possible, what plasma and is that primary element which was looked for so persistently by alchemists of the Middle Ages?