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In the TSO information fund surely there have to be sound grants. Their use is easy and available to lecturers as modern figurative cassette tape recorders provide rather high quality of sounding and necessary sound possibility of reproduction. Such grants are, as a rule, created on the basis of radio - and the telecasts, records containing on phonograph records. Special emotional reaction is caused usually by the records made by the lecturer during conversations, interview, performances at meetings in labor collectives on meetings, in the course of lectures, at concerts. Such sound grants promote creation of the atmosphere of credibility, communication with life, effect of presence.

For example, if the teacher needs to show the schedule or the chart on the course of occupation, it is necessary to tell before, what process or the phenomenon is considered and that will be now illustrated in the form of the schedule or the chart. It is good if in this performance he pays attention of listeners to features of the image which should be meant.

Along with implementation of measures for development of educational material resources, the equipment of offices and audiences should carry out a lot of work on mastering teachers a technique of rational use of various tutorials by preparation and carrying out occupations. Each of them has to know well informative and didactic opportunities, strong and weaknesses of these or those tutorials, the most effective methods of their application in the corresponding forms of study and types of occupations.

At the same time it is easy to notice people in any collective are how various. They differ not only the person or appearance, but also the thoughts, acts, estimates and judgments. At the same time the individualization of process of training assumes such organization of occupations at which each listener of group is included in educational process as the personality.

From the programmed cars of individual use (the KISI type, "MEI Tutor", etc.) the MEI Tutor complex intended for training and control of knowledge of listeners is very convenient and reliable. Some such devices can be connected to the central panel of the propagandist for carrying out group occupations. On a design is an independently operated slide projector (Bearing-700 type) with a projection of educational information to the built-in translucent screen. Information is issued to the listener on a 35-mm film. Options of formation of the answer: the selective numerical coded, comparative and consecutive designed. Input of the answer - keyboard. It is realized the linear, branched-out and combined programs (memory capacity: do1oo shots, the size is 18 x 25 mm). The complex adapts for specific features of listeners.

Peculiar requirements arise when using complexes of technical means of training which are created for group, and also individual training. Complexes of technical means of the programmed training divide into two groups: the training; the knowledge of listeners controlling, urged to check.

Usually in practice of the work the propagandist uses, mainly, the most easy-to-work technical devices, often expanding their opportunities by application of various ways and methods of presentation of information.

In propaganda practice figurative and expressive presentation (the evident and figurative models or representations developed in modern science, an image of a real-life thing or the phenomenon), and also documentary presentation (photos, copies of the major of the document is widely used.

The training TSO complexes include technical means of the programmed training, providing realization of operations of training or self-training. Educational and methodical equipment of a complex includes both a training material, and algorithms of the organization of activities of the listener for his assimilation, i.e. the special software.

The following important point in ensuring interrelation of the word and image during occupation is work with the image, with its contents and a form. Thus it is possible to allocate some basic rules.