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the final – consists of 1-2 procedures; if it is necessary, it is possible to train the patient in self-massage, having shown a rational complex and sequence of receptions for separate areas of a body. To performance of breathing exercises and also to recommend physical exercises for independent occupations with application of masseurs, massage devices and balneological procedures.

Training massage is a component of training process, it can be carried to means of sports training. It joins in the plan of training of the athlete along with loading, a diet, rest, etc.

After that the athlete lays down on a back: mass in the beginning the distant party of a breast, then a near hand if it is not massaged in a prone position on a stomach; in some cases simply repeat massage (boxers, fighters). Having executed receptions on one party of a breast, come over to other side and mass again the distant party of a breast and a near hand. After that serially mass both hips, knee joints, shins, ankle joints, toes, finish always with massage of a stomach.

Methodical instructions. Kinds of passive movements can be carried out if it is necessary that the patient lay on a stomach. Tractions belong to the passive movements, extension, an extension, a pandiculation, treatment by a pose.

Massage in prestarting states is applied to correction of prestarting conditions of the athlete: the toning massage is used at starting apathy with the purpose to bring the athlete out of this state, the calming massage – for decrease in excitement before start.

Physiological influence. Grinding works much more vigorously than stroking, promotes increase in mobility of the massed fabrics in relation to the subject layers. Thus inflow of a lymph and blood to the massed fabrics amplifies that considerably improves their food and exchange processes, there is a giperemiya. Reception promotes a loosening, a razmelcheniye of pathological educations in various layers of fabrics, increases sokratitelny function of muscles, their elasticity, mobility and therefore grinding is carried often out on joints improves. Vigorous grinding on the course of nervous major trunks and in a place of the nervous terminations on a surface of a body causes decrease of nervous excitability.

Self-massage. In daily conditions not always there is an opportunity to use services of the specialist in massage. In such cases it is possible to apply self-massage. Starting development of a technique of self-massage, it is necessary to observe the following:

The warming massage is carried out when cooling an organism or separate parts of a body of the athlete on trainings and outdoor competitions or in cold rooms. Massage promotes temperature increase of a body, muscles and sheaves become more elastic and steady against a trauma.

the segmentary and reflex – is carried out for the purpose of reflex impact on a functional condition of an internal and systems, fabrics; thus use special receptions, influencing certain zones – dermatoma;

Sequence of application of massage receptions. Massage should be begun with stroking, then to apply grinding, squeezing, further razminany a potryakhivaniye and if it is necessary, shock methods of vibration. Between all receptions do stroking, a potryakhivaniye, them finish massage. Approximate distribution of time for performance of separate receptions at the general massage lasting 60 min.: on stroking, shock receptions, stirring, the active and passive movements – 10% of time (6min.); on grinding, squeezing - 40% (24 min.), on a razminaniye (the main reception) - 50% (30 min.).