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It is taken out 1/3 made in Great Britain production, and the most part of cost of export is the share of products of manufacturing industry: cars, planes, hardware, electric equipment, production of chemical industry and textiles.

Now Great Britain - highly developed state with steady, rich economy. But not always it was so. Further the main historical events and processes thanks to which Great Britain became such what we it see today are considered.

The largest trade partner of the country are USA of which 1/7 all British import and export is the share. In search of the new markets Great Britain expands trade with the socialist countries.

In the XX century in the cities there were new residential districts in which modern apartment houses are constructed, however is under construction also separate two-storeyed cottages on 1 - 2 families where, as a rule, there live wealthier people much. It is still a little multi-storey buildings in Great Britain, but there are construction projects of those. British prefer to keep two-storeyed planning even in big buildings. In such houses also the traditional fireplace, but already now gas or electric remains.