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The advantage of the telephone questionnaire — bigger percent of respondents. If the firm uses written questionnaires and asks to send answers by mail, answers only 5 percent of the dispatched questionnaires will return. In this case it is necessary to consider also a postage.

Can seem to the companies that their opportunities are very limited, but it only inability mentally to see the future of that business in which they are engaged, and to realize the strengths. After all actually before any company the set of market prospects is opened.

The marketing test is carried out before introduction on the market of a new product (service) to estimate as it will be accepted. Except for the cost of the product (service), the test will not cost not a stiver: it is enough to contact any of regular customers and to obtain its consent to hold testing without additional payment, having explained, the test and that it will be necessary to make how many will last. In return, you should provide all necessary for successful carrying out dough.

The firm can decide to come to one or several segments of the concrete market. Let's assume that the market can be subdivided into three sites on intensity of consumer requirement and into three groups on a sign of age of consumers. Comparing intensity of requirements and age of consumers, it is possible to allocate nine possible segments of the market.

At an entry into the new market the majority of firms begin with service of one segment and if undertaking was successful, gradually cover also others. The sequence of development of segments of the market should be thought over carefully within a comprehensive plan. As a good example of careful planning of entry into the market and capture on it a dominant position activity of Japanese firms serves. They get on the ignored site of the market, win to themselves a name at the expense of the satisfied buyers and only then extend the activity to other segments. Using this marketing formula, they took an impressive share of the world market of cars, cameras, hours, consumer electronics, became, again under construction vessels and other goods.

It is only necessary to remember that results of discussion will help to choose the direction of solution of problems, but not, will give "15% of consumers given like claim that will not buy more these goods". Only questioning can provide such data. Participants of groups of discussion, besides, can give in so-called to the "gregarious instinct" which is that one of them having a steady gaze on a problem will affect opinions of the others.

Marketing strategy - rational, logical construction, being guided which the organizational unit expects to solve the marketing problems. It includes concrete strategy for the target markets, a complex of marketing and level of costs of marketing.

Where such convenient halls are not present, the meeting of group of discussion can be held at office, in a conference room, even in cafe or bar. Participants are selected for letters of clients or proceeding from other sources. It is only necessary to be sure that each of them is capable to be objective.

Any company has to be able to reveal the opening market opportunities. Any firm cannot eternally rely on the present goods and the markets. Many firms will confirm that the most part of their current sales and profits are the share of goods which they still any either did not make five years ago in general, or did not sell.

Each opportunity needs to be studied from the point of view of the size and the nature of the market. This process consists of three stages: measurements and forecasting of demand, market segmentation, selection of target segments of the market and positioning of goods in the market.

Starting point of marketing activity – the analysis of market opportunities. The management needs to know, properly to reveal and estimate these opportunities. It can find them, working with a grid of development of goods and the market paying attention to new attractive fields of activity. Each opportunity needs to be estimated from the point of view of its compliance to the purposes and cash resources of firm.