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That is why the family of a punalu was inevitably replaced by pair marriage. A merit in it women as owing to the special biological structure the bigger feeling of attachment is inherent in it. However for the present this family was not an economic unit, only a marriage, and economic unit is the sort in general.

The family of a punalu became more progressive step. In such family kinship communications were excluded (brothers and sisters), i.e. communications between families were formed, but alien the husband - the wife on property of a family of the rights had no. The origin of children was determined only by the maternal line here - "a bezottsovsky family". In this maternal sort marriage communications were forbidden. The period is known under the name matriarchy.

What is the most important that marriage became stronger and more romantic? According to the latest data, couples which marriage was successful, and spouses became really close each other, at all do not seek to spend together all evenings and the days off. They simply happen together at different times, meeting sometimes for only five minutes, but these meetings bring joy.

In our movement the supreme value and pride absolute purity of love before marriage, and in marriage - absolute marital fidelity is considered. In such families children are born in purity of spotless feelings of parents. Therefore the second aspect of responsibility concerns children. Parental love - a basis of happiness and pride of children. It is a root of their life. Therefore if parents get divorced, children feel so as if a root, or the basis of their life was broken and segmented. They also feel broken and broken internally. The most important responsibility of parents is not so much the external care of children, their health, food, clothes, etc. The most important is not so much the economic environment in which children grow, and what relations of love are the cornerstone of education of the child. Parents need to bring up the child the true son or the daughter, the brother or the sister, true spouses and true parents, exemplary and responsible citizens of the society. Therefore, the family is a school where teachers are parents, and a subject - 4 spheres of love, or as we call them, spheres of heart (children, brothers sisters, the husband wife, parents). How parents can teach these things? Only the example. Therefore, the desire to be parents puts the person in position of the teacher and obliges him to be the exemplary personality, the exemplary spouse and the exemplary parent.

As the love is the force uniting people, the starting point of love is a unity in the person. We distinctly recognize in ourselves two parties of our existence. On the one hand this our body having the physical desires, and, on the other hand - the conscience, our spiritual qualities and desires making a basis of our character. Our best qualities are shown when we own our physical desires.

Parents possessed an absolute power on children of any age - wedding required a consent of parents surely (the daughter for repeated marriage needed a consent of parents in any age.

From this primitive state primary forms of a family and marriage developed. So-called group marriage: kinship families when marriage communications were allowed on generations (children and parents form some kind of marriage ring): the sister at the same time could be and the wife (parents made one ring, children - the friend.