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Types of commercial loading. The limit commercial is limited to the take-off and landing mass of the plane and ­ designs. They are defined on the basis of a technical of data at the set range of nonstop flight. of calculation of limit commercial loading at the airports (traffic departments and the organization of transportations) and entries in the (accompanying) sheet is strictly observed for a of an overload of planes and the maximum use of loading capacity of each plane.

One of the most important conditions of increase of efficiency of a and quality of work of civil aviation is uses of the fixed business assets. The solution of this problem has important economic value, a more effective use of fixed assets not only conducts to decrease in costs of the live and substantiated work of products unit, but also economy of all resources. And ­ their uses considerably define improvement of fixed assets of air transport share work of workers and its productivity.

Creation of financial resources for timely replacement physically and the means of labor which were outdate morally the new depends on values of norms of depreciation, their progressiveness. Therefore in the conditions of acceleration of scientific and technical progress, improvement of the applied equipment and a of production, and also in connection with systematic revision by the change in price for an industrial output existing rules of depreciation are periodically specified. Economic base of it is revaluation of fixed assets.

When determining extensive use of planes ­ to consider idle times them on capital repairs and service, and also fuels and lubricants gas station, loading - works, on meteoconditions and in a reserve. It is for this purpose important to know on each type of the plane a standard raid of hours, which to a of calendar fund of time for a standard of the specified idle times. Standards of idle times of planes on maintenance, capital repairs, intra trip idle times at fuels and lubricants gas station, loading and unloading, other idle times (by meteoconditions and in a reserve are determined separately by types of aircraft proceeding from progressive forms and methods of the organization of technical and commercial service, of carrying out repairs, specific conditions of operation of planes. The coefficient of extensive use of SVP, as the relations of the actual raid of hours to a, gives the chance more fully to reveal reserves of improvement of an of planes on time.

The most important, most active part of fixed assets of aircraft is the self-summer - helicopter park, decisive influence on quantity and quality of production. Therefore in system of intensive qualitative of economic growth of branch improvement of use of sayomoleto-helicopter park possesses a special place.

In the conditions of improvement of an economic mechanism, in our country, the important role in planning of a of the industrial enterprises of civil aviation to an indicator of the standard net production (SNP). As the of raw materials, materials, components does not enter a standard net production, its capital productivity of the HECTARES industrial enterprises, at calculation, more precisely to define efficiency of fixed assets.

Use indicators self-summer - helicopter park. an extensive and intensive use of SVP. Increase of extensive use of planes and helicopters means a of time of their work, i.e. a raid, on about one hours average ­ the plane, and intensive — increase of degree SVP in unit of time. To the first group of indicators : a raid on about one hours the list plane (helicopter) and coefficient of extensive use of aviation equipment in the period of time (year, month, days). The raid on about one hours the list plane is determined by the relation of the general raid by planes of this type to list number of.